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​​ A new vegetarian lunch box has been added to the types of home delivery lunch boxes.

It is available for people with various needs such as allergies, religious reasons, and health consciousness.

We do not use any animal protein and use soy meat and tofu as a protein source.

Please contact us for details.



​​ Our baby food is now available at the major welfare club Relo Club.

Please try the additive-free baby food that is particular about the ingredients. It is a product that both adults and children can be satisfied with.



KIDS DELI baby food was introduced in the December issue of the Chick Club.

Please try the additive-free baby food that you can feel the original taste and sweetness of vegetables!




We sold handmade additive-free baby food that makes the best use of the sweetness and umami of Kamakura vegetables and additive-free combined seasonings developed by professional cooks nationwide.

Baby food is particular about the ingredients, and I would like you to eat it because it is an important time related to the formation of the baby's taste. The seasoning uses soup stock taken from scratch, making it a light taste that makes the best use of the original taste of the ingredients.

Combined seasonings are sauces and seasonings, and you can transform them into a professional taste just by sprinkling them on the usual ingredients. The cooking repertoire will increase and you will be able to escape from the rut, which will also help you to cook in a short time. Please try it.


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