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​About our baby food

Food education with "the original taste of vegetables".

It is important to taste the real thing because it is an important time for taste formation.

Taking advantage of the original sweetness and umami of vegetables grown by the power of nature

Additive-free baby food.

All KIDS DELI baby foods are designed by a registered dietitian to give consideration to the nutritional balance required for the baby.

The rice used in rice porridge is Hokkaido's Fukurinko. Rice with a lot of water and sweetness is ideal for rice porridge. Rice porridge is cooked from rice to porridge.
Organic tofu is used for tofu.

The vegetables used are Kamakura vegetables, which are difficult to obtain, and are carefully cooked by steam cooking to maximize the sweetness and nutritional sources.

All are handmade and carefully cooked in a factory with thorough hygiene management.

Commitment to the ingredients used

It is cooked to make the best use of the original sweetness and umami of vegetables, and it has a taste that you cannot imagine without using any seasonings.

The vegetables in baby food in the early stages of baby food are carefully pasted, making them ideal for the first bite of a baby.

In addition, we cook with the size of ingredients suitable for each age.

Because it is a taste-sensitive baby, it is important to enjoy the original taste of genuine ingredients without using seasonings.

Our baby food is additive-free and contains no seasonings.

​About seasoning

​How about using it at such times?

・ When you work from home and want to shorten the meal time for your child

・ When you want to take a break from housework

・ As a meal when leaving a child

・ As a meal when going out

・ As a gift for baby gifts

・ For stockpiling in the event of a disaster or emergency

-By adding a little salt and arranging it, it can be used for adults such as those who are in poor physical condition or elderly people.

​Please try our special additive-free baby food.

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