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​About our lunch

Not only is our lunch box well-balanced in nutrition

It is a handmade bento that is particular about ingredients, appearance, and taste.

We received voices from parents with elementary school children saying, "It is difficult to prepare daily dinner and make lunch boxes."
We will deliver delicious handmade bento that is safe and secure for children to eat, has excellent nutritional balance, and is delicious.

Our bento is a bento that has a good nutritional balance and uses seasonal ingredients, devised by a nutritionist.

Lunch boxes for children are based on light taste and are menus that make the best use of the original taste of the ingredients.

For adults, based on the menu for children, by arranging with original sauces that give curiosity, discovery, and surprise, the content is delicious and satisfying even for adults.

The recipe is different every day for a month, and I try to keep it from getting tired even if I eat it every day.

We also have vegetarian lunch boxes that do not use animal protein, so please contact us for details.

Commitment to menu

・ We use domestic meat.

・ Fish is processed from domestic or non-Chinese processed areas (bone removal,

We are using the ones that are cut).

・ Use domestic vegetables (designated production area) as much as possible


* Designated production areas: Hokkaido, Western Japan

(If it is not in the designated production area, deliver organic vegetables

I have received it. )

・ Use frozen vegetables and meat in consideration of season and freshness

not here.

・ Currently, we do not use ingredients from Fukushima prefecture.

・ Rice is special A "Fukurinko" or

We use "Yumepirika".

Commitment to the ingredients used

Commitment to safety and security

Our lunch boxes are cooked in a factory that is thoroughly hygienic.

At the factory, we regularly carry out "hygiene inspections" by an external inspection organization and regularly inspect employees to see if they carry food poisoning bacteria.

For allergies, we do not use eggs or milk for the menu.

Basically, we do not use the 7 major allergies for lunch boxes for preschoolers.

Please contact us for other allergic ingredients.

​How about using it at such times?

・ As a lunch box for kindergartens, nursery schools, elementary schools, etc.

・ As a lunch box to bring to school children during summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation, etc.

・ As a cram school for children who are working hard until late at the cram school

・ As a lunch at an event such as a fun lunch


* We also accept delivery to the company. Please use it as a well-balanced lunch.

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