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4 different sizes are available.

For preschool  kids (3 dishes) ------ 550~650 yen + tax

Small size for kids   (3 dishes) ------ 600~700 yen + tax

Large size for kids  (3 dishes) ------ 800~900 yen + tax

For adults  (3 dishes) ------ 800yen~ + tax

*Prices vary depending on the facility used, spot use, and regular use.

Please order by email or contact form.

Delivery to schools, cram schools and companies: Free

* Delivery to individual homes is not currently available.

Please pick it up at your desired cram school, school children, or company.

You can order from the order / inquiry form.
We accept until 10am the day before.

For the first order, we will check the availability of delivery, so please contact us from the inquiry form.

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