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Baby food initial use (5-6 months) (​ Vegetable paste 25g + rice porridge (10 times porridge) 50g) 10 meals set 4100 yen (excluding tax)


Vegetable paste:

Broccoli paste (ingredients used: broccoli)
Cabbage paste (ingredients used: cabbage)
Potato paste (Ingredients used: Potato)
Onion paste (ingredients used: onions)
Radish paste (ingredients used: radish)
Carrot paste (ingredients used: carrots)
Pumpkin paste (ingredients used: pumpkin)
We will deliver 10 meals from various vegetable pastes (please let us know if you have a desired type).
We will also introduce seasonal vegetable pastes that are seasonal.

Porridge (Ingredients used: Polished rice)

Storage method: Store at -15 ° C or below

Expiration date: 1 month from the date of manufacture

How to eat: Heat in a water bath for 1-2 minutes.

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