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Baby food late meal (9-12 months) (​ Side dish 50g + whole porridge 70g or uncle 120g) 10 meals set 4900 yen (excluding tax)


Side dish:
・ Boiled cabbage and tara (ingredients: walleye pollock, cabbage, onions, carrots)
・ Boiled potatoes in soboro (Ingredients: minced meat, potatoes, carrots, onions)
・ Boiled broccoli and tofu (Ingredients: silken tofu, broccoli, onions, carrots)
・ Boiled radish and scissors in soup (ingredients: scissors, radish, carrots, cabbage)
・ Simmered pumpkin (ingredients: minced meat, pumpkin, onions)
・ Boiled radish and radish (ingredients: walleye pollock, radish, carrot)
・ Spinach and tofu sauce (Ingredients: silken tofu, spinach, onions, carrots)
・ Pumpkin tofu soboroan (Ingredients: silken tofu, pumpkin, carrot, potato starch)
・ Boiled cabbage and scissors (ingredients: scissors, cabbage, onions, broccoli, potato starch)
・ Potato and tara soup boiled (ingredients: walleye pollock, potato, carrot, cabbage)

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